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09 August 2008 @ 12:18 pm
New PernMUSH Update!  
From Dyane (and courtesy of Lanisa): As of 10PM ET, power was restored. We were lucky that the tornado and microbursts missed my neighborhood but it was close enough to cause a lot of damage in general across roads and such (branches down, power lines down, substation damaged severely). Now that we have electricity back, we can move forward. The new machine is unscathed and is roaring fast compared to the one it was one. It has a new hard drive, fans, etc. Now I wait for Jellan to do the install since he has the game and the DB at his home (he saved the DB and has it). Since I had no power, nothing was done this week since well, you can't access a server without power ;). I don't know if he is around this weekend to do the transfer but I will try to get a hold of him and find out when he will do the transfer. I can't promise anything since it is the weekend and I don't know what his family schedule is. What I CAN promise is that PernMUSH will be back and it will NOT take months. We know people are impatient and would like to get back on. I do too since I'm feeling major withdrawl symptoms for not playing and seeing people myself.

As far as NorConMUSH is concerned, we wish them well. I hope they find there what they were not able to find on PernMUSH. Games starting up from ours is not a new occurence. We have weathered this type of thing before and don't see a reason why we won't again. There is plenty of room on the internet for other Pern games. :)

Our goal is as it always has been to provide a fun, friendly Pern themed roleplay environment for all to enjoy while keeping to the canon of McCaffrey's world. We are happy that many people are planning on staying and we will work on making sure the game progresses forward in a fun and enthusiastic manner.

I know it is difficult to be patient. Trust me, I am doing all I can. I wish I could control the weather because it would be totally awesome but I can't. I will contact Jellan to get the game installed now that I am in the land of technology and power again. I can tell you we will be one wizard short for a few weeks as one of our corp has just had a new baby and is taking the time to be a new dad. :) Please keep patient and I do appreciate the understanding more than anyone knows.