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26 June 2009 @ 05:42 pm
Topic: Turn's End  
I figure I'll post the first topic! XD

My question is: Last Turn's End. How did your character(s) spend it? What did they do? How did it end?

Comment in your vignettes for this topic here!
black_shiva: Bayeterritory on June 26th, 2009 11:13 pm (UTC)
It was too easy to spend Turn's End dead drunk.

The Igen Weyrleader did just that, slumped over his cleared desk with bottles and bottles of booze strewn all around him. One hand is wrapped around his latest bottle while the other one was trying to hold onto five fanned-out cards in front of his player.

Of course, the other equally-intoxicated card player was none other than his sister, Ayana.

Ever since Jaireth caught Josilina's queen and made B'yan move back to his desert homeland, turn's ends have resulted in the two Kilvane siblings drinking to stupor at a designated location: B'yan's weyr, Ayana's weyr, Igen Weyr rim, non-descript bars, storage caves and whatnot. It's not that drinking is what is intended; usually one or the other arrives with a card deck on hand or something of interest. What usually ends up happening two hours in from meeting is the drinking.

Ever since the Kilvane siblings - that being B'yan, Ayana, and Kamer - have split up, this has been the content of a Kilvane turn's end. Ever since B'yan became Weyrleader and moved to Igen from the Reaches, ever since him and his brother Kamer had a falling-out over the fact, and ever since Kam finally announced that he was wiping his hands free of his younger brother, the last turn's ends have been down right depressing for the remaining dragonriding siblings.

There were too many memories being associated with turn's ends, memories involving the three of them together mulling over the past turn in memories and laughter.

Therefore, this one is just another Turn's End in Igen Weyr. Another card game. Another drink. Another turn's end spent without their eldest brother.

But at least they still had each other.
(Anonymous) on June 30th, 2009 06:41 pm (UTC)
Turnover's such a significant time for Kassi that I couldn't resist.


On a Turnover several Turns ago, rather than sitting around in her Weyr with the glows left covered and a bottle of brandy steadily emptying in her hand, Kassima had gone down to the Igen kitchens and made herself a meal. Dough, tomatoes, peppers, onions, meats and cheeses, she'd thrown them together in a food without a name and brought this masterpiece and a bottle of Benden White out to the Living Cavern; she'd caught the attention of a silver-haired greenrider and then she'd caught his heart, never knowing.

Since then the tradition had been the same. Only the locale was different.

She borrowed the Igen stoves to bake her nameless whatsit, as she called it. Their cooking facilities on the island were rather primitive. As she did every Turn she slapped her dough around with a crowd of cooks around her, laughing and gossiping with them and wondering, a little, what it meant that she felt more at home in the Weyr's kitchens than anywhere else there, anymore.

Of course she'd left it for late in the day--she always did--and she brought the covered pannier basket home at dusk. Enough light remained to see the blankets as splashes of color against the sand some meters away from the waterline. There'd be wine; they always had wine; the glows would light the night for them when the sun failed. If the whatsit got cold because she'd made too much for two people, and she always did... no matter. The drinks, love, and reminiscences would last the night long. So too the food. How else should it be?

Kassima ended each Turn with her beloved, and started each that way too; beginning, always, as she meant to go on.