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14 September 2008 @ 01:10 am
Sands Info for Candidates  
Candidates, you must read this before the Hatching!

First off, the Hatching is on Sunday, September 21 at 8:00pm EST. If you can't make it you really must try and find a puppeteer for your character if you want to Impress. If you're not there, we can't do anything about it. And on the day of the hatching you should be in the barracks, desced in your robe and ready by 7:30pm EST. Kassima will lead you all onto the Sands when the time comes. Your robe must be pre-approved by Kassima – more on that next paragraph. If you're going to need to leave early or be late let us know so we can plan around that if need be. Also have a backup puppeteer (or send us a temporary password that you've set up) if you think there's a chance you'll lose access. If you are going to be puppetted, PLEASE let us know, and you might consider giving us a temp password anyway, just incase, so we can log you in and get you on the sands if absolutely necessary. (However, we'll have a whole lot to deal with too, so please try and save that as a last resort.)

The robes are plain, simple, unadorned and white; sleeveless and between knee and mid-calf, length-wise. Sandals for footwear or barefoot if you'd like. Sandals are recommended ;). Long hair should be tied back with a plain tie. No jewelry, knick-knacks, firelizards or any other extraneous things. Also, no food or drink or anything. +Mail your robe descs to Kassima by Saturday before the hatching, she’ll approve them or tell you want needs to be changed.

For when you go onto the sands: if you want you can also set yourself opaque and your puppets/firelizards halt - that way you can have them on you but no one can tell. Or you can just leave them in the barracks. But do not have them visible in your inventory. You can also set yourself halt to cut out any adesc messages or the like. Idle messages are good things, if you want to set that up to let anyone who's paging you know that you're spammed and busy. Those can be set by doing '@idle me=Hatching spam, may be slow' - or whatever specific text you prefer. We would prefer you not pagelock, however if you feel you MUST, make sure to set it so Josilina, Lanisa, B’yan, Kassima, or A’deth can page you.

As for on-sands behavior, a group bow pose will be emitted for you all, so you don't need to worry about it. Candidates form a loose semi-circle on the sands. Please don't pose touching any of the dragonets unless you've impressed him or her (and you'll know if you've Impressed) or it poses directly at you in a way that's really obvious that it's ok (like: Gooey Green Dragonet tumbles towards SmallCandidate, who could maybe help her up? - that's really bad, but you get the idea).

The echo from the galleries will be turned off, so you won't get poses from there. Trust me, you don't want to, things will be spammy enough as is. Sands poses shouldn't be excessively long and try and keep them to about one per dragonet pose to keep the spam down. Feel free to pose NPC Candidates but please don't pose NPC Impressions, as we've already got emits lined up for each egg.

Also, please don't pose needing a healer or any sort of medical disaster on the sands, unless you've cleared it ahead of time with me and Lanisa.

If you Impress, as I said, you'll know it - you'll get a private message that will include the dragonet’s name, and if you're male, it'll tell you your honorific. Then, once you've posed your reaction and all (and try and remember to include the dragon’s name in that, as curious onlookers like to know!), one of the weyrling staff (Kassima for the first Impression, A’deth for those afterward) will guide you off the sands where you can interact some with your dragonet (who will be puppetted at the time) if you like and get the hang of things.

If you don’t Impress: ICly the Weyrleaders will give a very brief talk on the sands to those left standing. On the OOC end, we're perfectly willing to discuss the situation with you if you're left standing and you want, but we do insist that you wait until the next day. But after everyone's had a chance to rest, sleep on it, etc, we're glad to talk.

After the Hatching there will be a feast and general merriment in the Living Caverns, so we encourage everyone to come and join in. New weyrlings will be allowed to attend the hatching feast after they have met with their weyrlingmaster staff, and non-weyrlings can of course go straight to the caverns.

If you have any questions, please +mail or page Josilina, Kassima, or Lanisa, and we can help you out. Don’t forget to +mail your robe desc to Kassima by Saturday!