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13 August 2008 @ 08:26 pm
With the game's return comes eggs! ICly the clutching happened a short while ago, off-camera. Under the cut are the descriptions of Igen's new clutch, as well as the extra egg submissions we received but didn't have space to clutch. Thank you to everyone who submitted egg descs; we got so many fabulous ones, I wish we didn't have the IC restraints of the Interval and could have clutched them all. :)

Frozen Sandstorm Egg
So unremarkable is the altering of curvature, one would have to look hard to determine the difference between baseline and crest resulting in this egg having a cylindrical appearance. Amber spills across the surface, broken up by blocks of translucent white settled carelessly one upon the other and reaching upward to where a slash of pineapple yellow wedges down over the top. The overall illusion of cooling invitation is completed with speckles of beaded perspiration collected down the sides.
Credits: Shanlee
Inspiration: Sky Cooler (made from tequila, pineapple juice, Dash Chambord and soda)

Fuzzy Navel Egg
The color of a warm Istan sunset, this egg is a nice, warm shade of yellow, with a slight tint of orange to it. The entire upper two-thirds of the shell seems to be this color, almost a warm enough sight to make you feel the glow. Then again, perhaps its simply the heat from the sands you feel. The lower third of the shell is a more orange-brown shade with lines of green tracing almost a diamond pattern over the lower third of the shell. The shell has a series of protrusions that look almost like thorns sticking from the lower third. At least, that's what it looks like. Closer inspection reveals this instead to be darker green lines against the orange-brown of the shell, casting a shadow effect that makes it appear that spines or thorns are protruding from the actually smooth shell. Standing upon tip-toe, it is noticed that the top of the egg isn't the warm yellow, but more of the same green spike effect from the lower third of the egg, but in broader strokes, like the fronds of an Istan "palm" tree.
Credits: W'adru
Inspiration: Fuzzy Navels were the first mixed drink I ever tried that I liked. To date it is the only flavor of wine-cooler that I can drink. These drinks for me were never about getting cool or relaxing, but more about putting some warmth and light into an otherwise dull and/or trying day.

Deep garnet stains intoxicatingly along the base curvature, flowing upward into scarlet focus. It bleeds at its widest point into burnt amber and then melts, tapering into a dazzling display of dawn's new promise. Deceptively sweet and inviting by appearances it's the tiniest wedge of lime draped over its tip that may give pause for thought.
Credits: Shanlee
Inspiration: Tequila Sunrise

Blue Seaspray Egg
This egg is has perfect symmetry in both shape and color. It is small and very round with just one blemish on its smooth surface - a small dip near the top. A blue, the color of the sea, blankets this small egg like the ocean claiming its reefs. Then, like the spray of the waves, a pale yellow sprinkles over one side of the egg and dips down to pool with a mixture of blue at the bottom. A finishing touch to this egg from the seas is one sharp cut diagonal on its other unblemished side of a deep red - like a painter had decided to mar this painting of nautical life.
Credits: B'yan
Inspiration: Blue Lagoon drink.

Tantalizing Blush Egg
A rich, deep blushing red covers this medium-sized ovoid. Appearing to shimmer slightly, the color gives the illusion that it is, in fact, created by depth rather than matte color. Light plays across the top, the blush palest at the crown of the egg, and deepening to a rich, ruby-hue where hard shell connects with sandy ground. Upon closer inspection, the color is broken by a darker mass, no larger than a man's fist, that bobs near the surface of the egg - a pair of cream globes crowned in the barest hint of green.
Credits: Iesia
Inspiration: Red Apple Sangria.

Honey's Magic Glow Egg
Warm liquid the color of soft amber rock sloshes over the shell of this rather large egg. White foam caps each wave so that after a while it appears the shell is actual liquid, moving to the tide of its own inner gravity. The color darkens, deepens as it travels down the egg, the tint darkened by shadows both visible and unseen. Dashed across each bit of foam is a sprinkling of mica, sunlight setting the shell alive and moonlight making it appear to be a magic brew, one to warm the body and soothe the soul.
Credits: Naara
Inspiration: Inspired by Butterbeer, originally the drink sold in the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade in the Harry Potter Books and then adapted for our own Muggle enjoyment. The recipe I saw called for butterscotch schnapps and cream soda. The color/appearance of this egg in my mind is a mix of these three pictures. (I've had this, it's great. We didn't take pictures, but these give you an idea. :) )

Margaritaville Egg
This egg is a nice light green. The surface appears to be broken, as if made of chunks of shaved shell. Closer inspection would show, however, that this is just an effect of the presence of a small, irregular pattern of thin white lines. The coloring on the egg appears to be that of a bell, turned upside down, so what the widest part is just above the center of the egg, the taper running out just shy of the bottom. A brown line circles the egg at the end of the bell shape. In just the right light conditions, it almost look as if it is metallic as light plays off of the eggs shell. This brown ring is dotted with small, square white bits, somewhat irregularly shaped around the center of the ring. On one side of the egg a darker green quarter moon shaped mark goes from the upper, more normal eggshell colored part of the egg across the brown ring and over the lighter green shading an equal distance, almost like a slice of fruit placed upon the rim of a drinking glass.
Credits: C'nroy
Inspiration: Plain and simple, I'm a recently converted Parrothead and, being that Jimmy Buffett is a great source for drink inspiration, nothing would be more appropriate than a Margaritaville egg that looks like...a margarita!

Petite Paper Parasols Egg
Thanks to the spines radiating out from their centers and showing just around the rims as glints of pale cream, each of the innumerable circles dotting the shell looks rather like a wagon wheel--although the wainwright who covered his wheels with tissue-thin paper in a variety of pastel shades would have to be put under someone's watchful care. Yellow, pink, mint green, and more, the spoked circles jostle for space and end up overlapping as often as not, and the end result is harrowing for the eye. There are markings on most of them, thin wisps of black or red that come to nothing. Put all together on so many clashing backgrounds they make the egg frightfully busy; nevertheless, the melee does hold a cheerful charm.
Credits: Kassima
Inspiration: The little umbrellas!

Bubbling Orange Egg
This egg is a vibrant orange, a solid shade covering its shell from top to floor. A pebbled surface with what appears to be cream colored bubbles all drifting in a lazy spiral towards the apex give the egg an appearance of slowly spinning up towards the sky. The egg's upward curving sides holding an almost cylindrical shape, causing the textured shell to create an almost dizzying spiral of flecks all meeting at the peak.
Credits: Meilyn
Inspiration: Inspiration: This egg is inspired by the cocktail Hi-Fi, which is a carbonated Screwdriver. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screwdriver_(cocktail) )

Citron Peel Egg
This egg is brightly, obnoxiously, horrifically yellow. The apex is mere sunshine, crowned with a spattering of pure white dust in a perfect ring around it. The color deepens gradually, running through the more neon shades down to a rich ruddy goldenrod at the base. It doesn't reflect light coming into the grounds as much as it bounces it out and away. Baked in the heat of the desert sands, it could easily give someone staring long a headache.
Credits: Iara
Inspiration: There are many ways to make lemon drop shooters - from citron vodka to Goldschlager to everclear to rum. Pour a shot in and top it with a slice or wedge of lemon dipped in sugar to suck on after you burn the heck out of your throat with the liquor.

The Pink Shilelagh Egg
Hiding in a soft shadow, nestled cosily in the warms sands and tainted by red sandstone reflections from the surrounding hatching cavern walls, there is an egg. One with a sharp rising shaft of darkness, rough brown and threateningly capped with a knarled knob, ascending in a gentle half-spiral from bottom to top of this faintly glowing irridescent pink shell. Only it's citron-peel textured surface reveals the egg's solid nature before the unwary hand can bruise itself trying to immerse into it's depths to grasp the embedded walking stick.
Credits: Janine
Inspiration: The Pink Shilelagh Cocktail (invented by Janine)
Four parts grapefruit juice
Two parts sparkling soda
One part Grenadine
One part Irish Mist
Mix gently then pour over crushed ice in a martini glass, garnish with a plastic shilelagh and four leaf clover.

Grass is Greener Egg
Green. The first thing noticed about this medium-sized egg is that it's really green. It is a mottled egg with a green base, its spots giving off a soft glint of even darker green spots. It is bumpy to touch and gives off a smooshed look when turned to one side. Other than its simple and rich color, this egg will have no problem blending in with the rest of them.
Credits: B'yan
Inspiration: Apple Martini

And the extra, equally fabulous submissions...

Velvet Extravagance Egg
Cream blends heavily with peanut brown into a rich blanket of beige that wraps thickly about the tubby shape. Subtle notes of citrus swirl upward through sweet indulgence from the squat base then flow sluggishly over the thick middle. The finale comes at the blunt tip where sprinklings of nutmeg and curls of grated carob top the smooth creation off with a flourish.
Credit: Shanlee
Inspiration: Peanut Egg Nog (made from Castries peanut rum cream, eggs, heavy cream, castor sugar, Grand Marnier, Remy Martin, milk and nutmeg.)

Wicked Indulgence Egg
Delicious carob brown is the overall tone to this egg. One can almost smell the scent of klah rising off its smooth inviting shape with a heat that appears to radiate from the inside out. The snow capped tip balances a thick swirl of contrast that’s dusted lightly with specks of cinnamon.
Credit: Shanlee
Inspiration: Mountain Melter (made from crème de coco, triple sec, vodka and coffee)

Crystalline Kiss Egg
As if created from the finest crystal glassware, cobalt blue echoes across polished curvature. Marginally deeper hues of the same colour are collected undisturbed about its base from where they flute outward to its widest point in vibrant iciness. Bubbling over, softer tones reach for the gold dusted white at the narrowest point to be encircled in sweet surprise.
Credit: Shanlee
Inspiration: Midnight Kiss (made from blue curacao, champagne, vodka and lemon juice)

Femininely Frosted Egg
From the delicate sweep at its widest point to the genteel taper of its narrowest, this little egg is dainty in all aspects. But much as the pink blush of the lower half, creamy white upper and sweetly frosted tip may allude to fragility, the icy presentation bears warning that looks can be deceiving.
Credit: Shanlee
Inspiration: Pink Lady

Lustrous Lurid Lobsters Egg
Even on Pern where the glories of plastic gimcracks have not been rediscovered, there's a sort of jewelry that... well... those who see it may question the wearer's taste level. Cheap gilt over poorer metal, rings so fat with jewels they skew the fingers to either side--glass baubles shaped like shellfish strung on glittery red beads. This egg is nature's tribute to such a magnificent tackiness. The simulations of scuttling, shelled sea-creatures turn into vague blobs when seen up close, but from a distance the illusion is compelling, and all of it in brilliant lurid red with just the faintest undertone of pink. Endless little ruby-bright spheres glint above, around, beneath the beasties, whole chains of them wrapped around the 'tails' and caught between the 'claws.'
Credit: Kassima
Inspiration: Inspiration: The lobster charm on red beads Red Lobster puts in its Lobsteritas (picture available at http://www.sterlingdesigngroup.net/atlarge/art.html).

An Imperial Sloshing! Egg
With a base-shell as warmly amber as its sister egg, this particular case could almost be an exact replica. Almost. The lovely thing about this shell is that the caramel backdrop is calm and still and solid. No whitecaps here. But the dreamlike stillness is only an illusion. For in the center of this egg, swirling over the smaller top is a whirlpool of blue disaster. Sixty-one tendrils stretch out from the tip to invade the seemingly placid amber, promising a sloshing good time, but a hell of a hangover in return.
Credit: Naara
Inspiration: This egg was inspired by the '61 Imperial, which is a really good drink if you want to be drunk /now/. In this concoction are white rum, vodka, high proof rum, crème de bananes, apple juice and the piece de resistance, the blue curacao liqeur that provides the lovely blue topper. Some people add a cherry on top. I prefer it without, so that's how I wrote this egg.

Hit Paydirt Egg
A warm, fizzy brown color stains this egg from top to bottom. Swirling around the shell, there are places where the tint lightens or darkens, almost as if the sun is shining through a liquid coating. It looks fresh and sweet and comfortable, but mostly-hidden streaks of cinnamon red belie the spice in this shell. The truly extraordinary thing about this egg, however, are the tiny flecks of shining, gleaming gold scattered throughout the darker backdrop, their brightness set off by the dark brown behind them. Like suns that shine all the brighter for the dark, apparent dullness of their settings.
Credit: Naara
Inspiration: This egg is based on a drink my friends and I specialize in. We always called it Paydirt, but the recipies I found on the net call it Golden Coke. It's really a simple drink, cinnamon Swiss goldschlager and Coke or cherry coke—whichever's handy. Sadly, there are no pictures of this one either, but this picture of coke shows the lights and darks I mean. Sprinkle in some gold flakes and there you have it! http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/image/s_cocacola.jpg

Muddy Brown Egg
A huge clod of mud was kicked on the sands! Oh, wait, no, that's an egg. Easily the smallest in the clutch, it's more the size of a large wherry egg than a dragon egg, lending to the muddy trick of the light. Toffee ribbons float above a darker umber strata before thrusting fingers down towards the curve resting in the sands. Irregular patches of amber no bigger than a child's fist play hide and seek in the dirt and when viewed up close, look completely smooth to the touch. With these silky pebbles and the rich loam of the shell, it really does look as though someone upended a giant spadeful of earth on the sands.
Credit: Iara
Inspiration: The Long Island Iced Tea (LIIT) is the basis of many elaborate mixed-drinks. It dates to the 70's, named after the USA's largest island, Long Island, in New York. Although it doesn't contain tea, its taste is similar. Vodka, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec all combined to give it a huge kick, tempered with seet and sour mix and plain coca-cola.