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11 August 2008 @ 08:55 am
Even Newer PernMUSH Update  
Dyane sneaks on from work and waves. "I just wanted to pop on and touch base with you all. I know with recent events folks are concerned about things and I want to reassure anyone with any questions. We will be back. We have a machine (it's more powerful and on a more stable connection). I'm waiting for Jellan to install the game, move over the DB (it has all the info up to the day of the crash - he spent a couple of days trying to get the hard drive up long enough to grab the DB). I don't knwo when Jellan will do the install atm. I left him a few messages and I'm hping he's not out of town on business. We don't hold any grudges with folks at all. If people want to play on the new game, that's great. If they want to stay here, that's great. If they want to do both, that's great. :) There's plenty of room on the internet for many Pern games. We aren't going to lock folks out, not let them @dec their chars, rooms, etc.

I know folks are worried about areas on PernMUSH. If an area leader has left permanently and become an NPC, we will work with the remaining players to move forward in a manner that will make the majority of the people in an area pleased. We have had emails from many asking how to play the background, my personal opinion is: If those that have left have no background on leaving, I believe assuming that the individuals retired to the South is a plausible explanation. Many characters retire without having a full detailed explanation and we can go forward that way. There can be a variety of reasons for retiring: stress of dealing with an uncharted, Interval Fall for too long and stress took a toll, wanting to move away from a leadership role, wanting to live in a hotter/colder environment, etc."