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26 June 2009 @ 05:42 pm
I figure I'll post the first topic! XD

My question is: Last Turn's End. How did your character(s) spend it? What did they do? How did it end?

Comment in your vignettes for this topic here!
26 June 2009 @ 05:33 pm
Hey peoples!

I am tentatively back and I meant to post this up sooner. Between my old laptop dying on me, getting a new one, and getting that one ready for use (not to mention school graduations and what have you), I had to put this in the backburner.

Anyhow, basically what I wanted to do was have like a weekly/bi-weekly vignette topic posted so that those of us on here that use LiveJournal could get to know each other's characters and what not.

Anyone can post a topic. If you want to post a topic for Igenites to write to, in the subject line just write Topic: =put topic title here= explaining the topic in the body.

Then people can write their vignettes as posted comments to the topic. If your vignette ends up being longer than the comment section allows, just continue in another comment section with a Continued at the top.

Any questions? Post them here!

B'yan, Weyrleader
Hey peoples,

My router went bust. Literally.

Therefore, the only internet I have access to right now is at school, which means no telnet for me until we get a new one. We should have one arrive -today- like the telephone company claims, but something tells me (and knowing MY luck this year) that it will be coming another day.

Once we get it this week, I'll be back!!

B'yan, Weyrleader
14 September 2008 @ 01:10 am
Candidates, you must read this before the Hatching!

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10 September 2008 @ 09:07 pm
Dyane: Sep 10, 2008 08:58 am Pacific: Tiercel and I are working on figuring out how to sync up all the database files to fix the oddness errors. Even though we seem to be fairly stable connectivity wise at the moment, ISP is sending a tech to take a look at the problem on location. Current timeframe is between now and 6pm ET.

Further developments: Dyane: The network is having issues again. It sporadically seems to allow connectivity to various servers so once it allows it, you can stay on the game. If you leave the game, then sometimes it refuses to let you back in. We're trying to figure out what is going on.


Further further developments: The game may be bouncing connections until tomorrow, as AT&D delayed their trip out until then. Many apologies.

For those who want to hang out until then:

too.logrus.com 6660
18 August 2008 @ 08:59 pm
Dyane: Our router is going flakey. If we reboot it, it allows port fowarding and you can get on the game. However, after a few short moments, it stops forwarding and no one can connect. HOWEVER, if you are on the game, you aren't affected until you timeout or disconnect. I can't get a replacement router until tomorrow afternoon and install it. We should be okay by tomorrow evening. I'm sorry for this small glitch.

Don't let this give you pause. :) The game is just fine. I'm on it right now and it's purdy! :) Thanks for your patience.

Also, you may wish to try: 4201
13 August 2008 @ 08:26 pm
With the game's return comes eggs! ICly the clutching happened a short while ago, off-camera. Under the cut are the descriptions of Igen's new clutch, as well as the extra egg submissions we received but didn't have space to clutch. Thank you to everyone who submitted egg descs; we got so many fabulous ones, I wish we didn't have the IC restraints of the Interval and could have clutched them all. :)

Here be eggs.Collapse )
13 August 2008 @ 10:43 am
pern.mccr.org 4201
mush.pern.org 4201

Both work.

See you there. :3

Edit: Expect hiccups. +bbread/general on the game for updates as well.
11 August 2008 @ 08:55 am
Dyane sneaks on from work and waves. "I just wanted to pop on and touch base with you all. I know with recent events folks are concerned about things and I want to reassure anyone with any questions. We will be back. We have a machine (it's more powerful and on a more stable connection). I'm waiting for Jellan to install the game, move over the DB (it has all the info up to the day of the crash - he spent a couple of days trying to get the hard drive up long enough to grab the DB). I don't knwo when Jellan will do the install atm. I left him a few messages and I'm hping he's not out of town on business. We don't hold any grudges with folks at all. If people want to play on the new game, that's great. If they want to stay here, that's great. If they want to do both, that's great. :) There's plenty of room on the internet for many Pern games. We aren't going to lock folks out, not let them @dec their chars, rooms, etc.

I know folks are worried about areas on PernMUSH. If an area leader has left permanently and become an NPC, we will work with the remaining players to move forward in a manner that will make the majority of the people in an area pleased. We have had emails from many asking how to play the background, my personal opinion is: If those that have left have no background on leaving, I believe assuming that the individuals retired to the South is a plausible explanation. Many characters retire without having a full detailed explanation and we can go forward that way. There can be a variety of reasons for retiring: stress of dealing with an uncharted, Interval Fall for too long and stress took a toll, wanting to move away from a leadership role, wanting to live in a hotter/colder environment, etc."
09 August 2008 @ 12:18 pm
From Dyane (and courtesy of Lanisa): As of 10PM ET, power was restored. We were lucky that the tornado and microbursts missed my neighborhood but it was close enough to cause a lot of damage in general across roads and such (branches down, power lines down, substation damaged severely). Now that we have electricity back, we can move forward. The new machine is unscathed and is roaring fast compared to the one it was one. It has a new hard drive, fans, etc. Now I wait for Jellan to do the install since he has the game and the DB at his home (he saved the DB and has it). Since I had no power, nothing was done this week since well, you can't access a server without power ;). I don't know if he is around this weekend to do the transfer but I will try to get a hold of him and find out when he will do the transfer. I can't promise anything since it is the weekend and I don't know what his family schedule is. What I CAN promise is that PernMUSH will be back and it will NOT take months. We know people are impatient and would like to get back on. I do too since I'm feeling major withdrawl symptoms for not playing and seeing people myself.

As far as NorConMUSH is concerned, we wish them well. I hope they find there what they were not able to find on PernMUSH. Games starting up from ours is not a new occurence. We have weathered this type of thing before and don't see a reason why we won't again. There is plenty of room on the internet for other Pern games. :)

Our goal is as it always has been to provide a fun, friendly Pern themed roleplay environment for all to enjoy while keeping to the canon of McCaffrey's world. We are happy that many people are planning on staying and we will work on making sure the game progresses forward in a fun and enthusiastic manner.

I know it is difficult to be patient. Trust me, I am doing all I can. I wish I could control the weather because it would be totally awesome but I can't. I will contact Jellan to get the game installed now that I am in the land of technology and power again. I can tell you we will be one wizard short for a few weeks as one of our corp has just had a new baby and is taking the time to be a new dad. :) Please keep patient and I do appreciate the understanding more than anyone knows.